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At Ice Capital Partners, we realize running a business is one of the hardest things there is. And we operate under the conviction that accessing the capital you need to operate and grow should not be one of the things making a business owner’s life harder. That’s why we got started on our mission to connect business owners with financing options that are fast, flexible, and easy to apply for, and we’ve seen time and time again that our relationship with our clients and the funding we’re able to provide makes all the difference in the world — one business at a time.

What We Do

At Ice Capital Partners we’re just that: partners. We use our access to multiple streams of financing for businesses (SBA Loans, Small Business Loans, Bridge Loans, Cash Advances, and more) to provide options to small businesses so they can access funding that best aligns with their goals, capacity, and timeline. Our ability to provide alternative funding sources allows us to serve more businesses than traditional banks and allows us to do it quickly, personably, and efficiently. 

How We Do IT
Our process of connecting small businesses to financing options is a three fold process. It begins with getting to know the person (you!) and heart behind your business. From there we provide quotes for all the funding sources you qualify for. And then, we streamline the process by delivering and receiving paperwork electronically so that your funds get approved and released in days – instead of months!

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