One Application, Six Funding Options

Funding a business isn’t one size fits all, but we believe that there is a solution to fund any business no matter how big or small it is. When you get financing through Ice Capital Partners, you fill out one application to get connected to the sic different financing solutions we offer. Browse them below:

Term Loans

Provides a lump sum of cash upfront with repayment occurring through fixed amounts over a set time period.

Best for: Large purchases and business investments.

Business Lines of Credit

This flexible model provides a line of credit that you can draw from as needed. You only pay interest on what you’ve borrowed (like a credit card!).

Best for: Covering short term expenses and ensuring cash flow.

Merchant Cash Advance

A lump sum of capital is given to your business, which is repaid over time through a percentage of your business’s future daily sales. If your income drops so do your payment amounts.

Best for: Big purchases, upgrades, and ensuring payroll.

Collateralized Business Loans

This type of loan secures your funding to an asset like equipment, inventory, or property. This puts the lender at less risk and often opens up the possibility of lower interest rates.

Best for: longer term funding that would benefit from lower interest rates.

Invoice Factoring

Still waiting on invoices to get paid? This option allows you to sell outstanding invoices to receive the cash due to them immediately with a small percentage paid to the loaner.
Best for: Borrowers with limited credit that need cash quickly.

Best for: longer term funding that would benefit from lower interest rates.

SBA Loans

Guaranteed by the Small Business Association, SBA loans are are known for their low interest rates and long term repayment plans. They can be very helpful but are often harder to qualify for.

Best for: Borrowers with excellent credit and long term purchases.

Find the Best Option for Your Business
Find out which of our six financing options best suits your business by starting your risk-free application today. By filling out an application you are NOT obligating yourself to any type of lending, but it is the first step to find out what you qualify for. Start your application via the form below: